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Datafinity captures top form in PSI ops

World War II Captured Equipment Document

Captured documents - Image: SemperNovus

Firm proffers new forms processing document management via PSI:Capture


ECM Plus – Document management and capture specialist Datafinity has released PSI:Capture 4.0 which now boasts over 100 new features in the new version, including a OCR/ICR engine from Open Text with multi‐language support, forms recognition, auto redaction and enhancements to its data extraction. Continue reading

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Clouds on horizon as Huawei publishes open letter over 3Leaf

Chairman Mao Zedong looking at Tiananmen Square

Sightseeing and tourism is still popular in Peking's Tiananmen Square

ECM Plus – NEWSXTRA +++ In the ongoing tussle over the blocked takeover, Chinese tech firm Huawei has published an open letter from the head of its U.S. operating arm to the U.S. government concerning the planned acquisition of the assets and IP of U.S. cloud computiong company 3Leaf.

Here is the full text of the letter from Huawei regarding the takeover.

Continue reading

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Content monetization set for long tail of COMET

Wipro Floating learning Centre, Electronic Cit...

Wipro's floating, learning centre in India

Wipro launches digital content monetization COMET for media and telecommunications providers


ECM Plus – Wipro Technologies has launched a new system dubbed as COMET, a digital content monetization system which claims to help media and telecommunications companies to implement novel content offerings,

According to the Indian company, COMET is targetted at publishers as well as telcos, and entertainment studios, music labels, and TV and cable networks. Continue reading

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ScienceLogic engages with cloud clan

Cloud provider commits to industry forum for high-quality cloud computing services

ECM Plus – ScienceLogic has just joined up with the Cloud Industry Forum established to promote trust, security and transparency within the sector. cienceLogic COO Richard Chart has joined CIF’s Member Board.

Andy Burton, Chairman of CIF, added: “CIF members are directly responsible for the shape, format and governance of the CIF Code of Practice and as such are instrumental in influencing public confidence and industry best practice.” Continue reading

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Doculex pumps up Archive Studio for robust email capture

Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D–MD) and Rep. Michael G. ...

Sarbanes and Oxley

Document management firm releases V4 for Exchange 2010 archiving


ECM Plus – Powering automated email capture and archiving for document management, regulatory requirements and accounts receivable workflow processing

DocuLex’s WebSearch component of the Archive Studio Software Suite V4 now has the capability to pull all inbound, outbound and inter-company email from Exchange 2010. Continue reading

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VPS.NET drives cloud profit from new affiliate and reseller initiatives

King Cloud

Happy days as virtual clouds open. Picture: akakumo

New mulitple programmes for rapid cloud infrastructure build-out for business


ECM Plus – VPS.NET has just set up its new multiple set of programmes that enable businesses to take advantage of its cloud infrastructure to launch business into the cloud.

In a new affiliate programme, VPS.NET said that it pays out a generous USD85 per referral which can be implemented in any way needed, whether through the utilisation of a text link through a review of VPS.NET or banners advertised on the business website. Continue reading

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SaaS takes on new meaning in cloud storage makeover

Image representing Scality as depicted in Crun...

The new SaaS: Storage-as-a-Service

Connectria selects Scality to launch a public cloud storage service, Scality’s first ‘Storage as a Service’ customer

ECM Plus – Enterprise hosting behemoth Connectria has just given the nod to Scality for its RING as its core technology that will go into its new so-called ‘Storage as a Service’ offering.

Scality’s RING platform creates a series of nodes that are built using off-the-shelf servers. Each node on the RING controls its own segment of the overall storage pool. Continue reading

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Adobe goes content crazy with CQ5 digital enterprise experience

The headquarters of Adobe Systems in downtown ...

Adobe's acquisitions of Day and Omniture bring on the CEM momentum

Adobe set to transform customer experience with new CQ5 suite for the digital enterprise


ECM Plus – Well, what a difference a Day makes. Adobe Systems has just unveiled its new Web experience management software portfolio, which the company claims is a significant milestone in delivering a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. Continue reading

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Perfect storm brewing as Open Text bumps BPM

John Shackleton

John Shackleton

OpenText acquires Metastorm, moves into business process management market


ECM Plus – OpenText has just inked a new deal to snap up the business process management playe Metastorm.

OpenText said the acquisition would help it to create a new generation of process improvement software suite that need to combine content and process management capabilities. Continue reading

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IP law firm goes paperless with electronic file room

Image representing First To File as depicted i...

First To File

Nixon and Vanderhye choose First To File for patent document management

ECM Plus – Patent document management specialist First To File has just been selected by intellectual property law firm Nixon & Vanderhye with its new Electronic File Room patent document management service. Continue reading

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Second coming for Christian as Kofax CMO returns

Image representing AIIM as depicted in CrunchBase

Second coming for Christian

Martyn Christian re-appointed to AIIM board of directors

ECM Plus – Kofax plc’s Chief Marketing Officer, Martyn Christian, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM).

According to the company, AIIM is a non-profit industry association that helps organisations find, control and optimize information. Continue reading

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Upcoming UK Census data offshoring destined for more debacles

Divisions of the United Kingdom

ONS offshoring Briton's personal data for £150m

Report reveals 2011 UK Census of private data set to go offshore to foreign agencies, increasing probability of yet more Government-sanctioned personal data breaches

ECM Plus – A new Guardian report indicates that the British Government’s Office of National Statistics is to pay a foreign agency £150 million in taxpayer money to undertake the collection and processing of Britain’s families and personal income data, with new extra questions in this year’s Census demanding to know the details of sources of incomes as well as additional personal data in the 32-page questionnaire, now destined to go offshore in the government cutbacks and ‘efficiency-savings’ outsourcing deal. Continue reading

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Gone in a Flickr: coveted content consigned to cloud cuckoo-land

Wordmark of Flickr

Gone in a Flickr

Ve haff vays of mekking you veep! Yahoo’s Flickr fsck-up sends shock waves through cloud content communities


ECM Plus – Just when you thought it was safe to entrust all the crown jewels of content to the cloud, along comes a yarn that send shivers down your spine and makes the hairs on the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Call it asset stripping, call it digital downsizing, call it what you will, all such expressions of loss pale into insignificance on hearing the news of this one poor German fellow who watched helplessly as four years worth of thousands of his priceless photos were consigned to the ‘Great Recycle Bin’ in cyberspace following a bizarre sequence of events which culminated in cloud image behemoth Flickr deleting all his precious pictures in one fell swoop at the push of a button. Vamoosh! Gone… Continue reading

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Cloud content management gets smart

Cloud computing icon

Smarter cloud computing linking with mobile apps

Neustar takes wraps off smart cloud services that connect to mobile apps


ECM Plus – Neustar has just unveiled its new Intelligent Cloud service that it claims will provide a single, secure connection point between content providers, application developers and mobile operators.

According to the company, the new service will streamline the communications, network features, and billing across operators. As a hosted service, the Neustar Intelligent Cloud will allow scale and reduce the complexity of delivering the right message at the right time, every time. Already a trusted service enabler to the communications industry. Continue reading

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+++ Content-driven social media takes TFM&A by storm +++

Content-driven technologies, collaboration, e-commerce and cloud top the bill as marketing and advertising goes mainstream for new media

ECM Plus +++ UBM’s 2011 Technology for Marketing and Adverising (TFM&A) is taking place on March 1st and 2nd at the Earl’s Court 2 Exhibition Centre in London, features for the first time a dedicated Content Management Theatre, the first time TFM&A has put content management front and centre since the conference and expo was launched some years ago.

The 2011 show now features a ‘Content Management & E-Commerce Theatre’ which will see speakers from all strands of the content management space tackle the key issues in helping marketing and advertising utilise content technologies for its businesses. For more information on the agenda see and to register, go to

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FEATURE: The cloud computing debate

Cloud computing is one of the clear future trends in the IT industry. It’s an old concept in a new package


IBM used to sell it years ago as ‘Business on Demand’ but it never got the traction that it has today and never took off. Perhaps its time had not come then, but the industry certainly believes it has now. Continue reading

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FEATURE: The hybrid route to cloud computing


Shepherds' delight

Andrew Halliwell, director of commercial development at Cable & Wireless Worldwide, discusses how a hybrid approach can enable enterprises to adopt cloud technology

Cloud computing has dominated both the news and the business agenda over the past year. Interest in the technology, and more importantly, how best to migrate towards it and maximise the promised benefits, is increasingly at the forefront of the business IT agenda. Continue reading

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Removing the mist surrounding the Cloud

Quito morning mist and clouds

Removing the mist from the clouds

Advanced 365 highlights the key factors that organisations must consider before moving across to a cloud computing model.

ECM Plus – The hype surrounding cloud computing is expected to reach unprecedented levels over the next few years. According to recent research by analysts, CIOs view the cloud as their top technology priority for 2011 and it expects the number of organisations using on-demand computing to rise to 43% within four years. Continue reading

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FEATURE: Moving to PDF/A

For many organisations, fear of change is the biggest hurdle in moving from their current electronic archiving format to PDF/A.


Many believe the transition to PDF/A is difficult to implement and expensive, and that their current systems are ‘good enough’. Throughout Europe and Asia, and increasingly at U.S. federal government and state government agencies, the PDF/A standard is being successfully adopted for long-term archival of scanned and electronic documents. Continue reading

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Government digital continuity agenda gets Open Text treatment

Entrance to the Public Record Office, now The ...

National Archive, formerly the Public Records Office

Government’s ‘Digital Continuity’ Data Management project targets UK”s public sector


ECM Plus – Open Text has entered into a framework agreement with the British government’s Cabinet Office in its so-called ‘Digital Continuity’ agenda, developed by the Cabinet Office’s procurement arm ‘Buying Solutions’ and The National Archives.

The two year framework agreement is part of a British government project to improve digital information management throughout the public sector. Continue reading

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NEWS: Momac proffers portal for mobile cloud

Image representing mvolve as depicted in Crunc...

mvolve does the cloud via Momac portal

mvolve cloud-based platform for mobile netops


ECM Plus – Moma has launched mvolve, its cloud-based platform designed to manage consumer interfaces for mobile operators.

Momac said the mvolve platform enables mobile operators to manage both mobile internet portals and applications from a single, cloud-based interface. Continue reading

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NEWS: Kofax does US$200,000 invoice processing deal with tech conglomerate

Invoice system automates processing of four million documents annually


ECM Plus +++ Kofax, the specialist in document-driven business process automation has announced a new contract to provide an enterprise capture solution to a leading global technology firm. The value of the contract to Kofax exceeds US$200,000, the company said.

The customer, a manufacturer of safety, security and energy products and services, will implement Kofax Capture and Kofax Transformation Modules to scan and capture four million invoices and related accounts payable documents it receives annually. Continue reading

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FEATURE: How to avoid the pitfalls of moving to the cloud

(fx:Ukelele)...I'm leaning on the lamp-post at the corner of the street...George Formby eat yer heart out...

As the hype curve around cloud computing continues north, it’s increasingly easy to get lost in the pressure – perceived or real – coming from all sides to quickly formulate a strategy to leverage today’s IT super trend.


The promise of benefits such as fast time to implementation, cheap infrastructure

in a pay-as-you go model, substantially reduced electricity and overall IT costs, and a host of other tantalising would-be benefits can seem overwhelming. But as the old adage goes, cooler heads will prevail. Continue reading

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NEWS: Magnolia CMS goes Vaadin next-gen open source

Magnolia CMS

Vaadin web framework chosen for next-generation open source CMS


ECM Plus +++ A slick new user interface greets the lucky user in Magnolia’s latest, cutting-edge Version 5.0 of its popular content management software, which, it says, will slash development time by up to a staggering 50 percent. Continue reading

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NEWS: Turning Japanese: Sitecore CMS goes cloud for MSN’s photo portal in Japan

國光石化環評第四次專案小組會議前守夜晚會  1/26/2011


MSN Sankei launches new photo archive in the cloud


ECM Plus +++ Microsoft’s Japanese media outlet MSN Sankei News has just taken the wraps off its cloud-based service to operate its photograph publishing and sharing site. 

According to CMS vendor Sitecore, using the Windows Azure platform for the content delivery and management of Sitecore’s software, MSN Sankei News was able create and launch the photo site in ten weeks. Continue reading

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