Cloud tops trends for 2011 for ISVs and OPD

  Cloud, mobile and digital marketing top trends says Aditi


ECM Plus – According to new findings by Indian software developers, this year will see several major themes leading the way in business and technology.

The Bangalore-headquartered firm said that, thus far, outsourced product development (OPD) has gained substantial traction with what it sees as an ‘improvement in economic environment across the world’.

Aditi said that independent software vendors (ISVs) have again started focusing extensively on the newer technologies and taking their offerings rapidly on the emerging platforms and trends.

Aditi Technologies themselves specialise in software product and application development services and said that it believes the top few ISV/OPD trends for 2011 were led by the cloud. Said Aditi: “Cloud is a big disruptive change and ISVs are rapidly building solutions and competencies to surge ahead in this multi-billion dollar market. Small and new ISV players stand to gain in a big way because of the low initial investment requirement for providing new software solutions.” Aditi added that cloud strategy acts as a revenue and customer-growth engine, facilitating penetration to wider customer segments and geographies. ISVs are looking at solutions from a spectrum of open public to closed private. The next two years will see the delivery of a range of cloud service applications that fall between these two ends. The rapid adoption can be attributed to a latent need in the IT industry for a delivery mechanism that is ubiquitous, scalable and elastic, and at the same time does not incur premium costs. Business cases have emerged for using this delivery mechanism that provides a clear ROI.

The second trend, according to Aditi, is now mobilitu. “With more than a billion people carrying handsets that are capable of rich, mobile commerce, it provides an ideal environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web. Smart phones today come with an astounding amount of processing ability and bandwidth and increasing mobile penetration has opened up new vistas for the ISV to build mobile solutions as an extension to their existing enterprise offerings.” Aditi added that it was of the view that ISVs have started reusing most of the server-side functionality in their business process, while giving it a new “mobile facelift”. The surge in popularity of mobile devices is forcing ISVs to incorporate mobile strategy into mainstream development processes.

The firm also thinks the third key trend will be a generic ‘technology modernisation, whereby constantly changing business requirements and consolidations of companies will require ISV players to be quick and deliver according to changing situations. Said Aditi: “Technology modernization will continue to be a focus area for ISVs looking at leveraging the power of newer technologies and platforms. Increasing emphasis on collaboration and social media is necessitating the adoption of newer technology paradigms.”

The fourth key trend for 2011 according to the Indian ISV is that of business intelligence. Aditi said that software is now getting ‘richer’ and more complex along with the changing trends in business. The applications have become more collaborative and social, which creates huge demand for Business Intelligence and analytical solutions. “BI tools are now making a mark in the decision-making environments, enabling visibility and providing insights across operational improvements, finance & cost management and sales & marketing decisions” Aditi stated.

To round out the top five trends of this new year, Aditi said that digital marketing would be the real clincher. “While in some ways social media has made communication easier, it’s made digital life and digital marketing infinitely more complex with social platforms and tools competing for time, attention and dollars” Aditi said. “Integration of business applications with social collaboration technologies, such as wikis, blogs, instant messaging and collaborative and unified offices, are the technology trends being witnessed by ISVs. Companies are bringing together their social CRM, internal communications and collaboration, and public social site initiatives into a coordinated and cohesive strategy.”


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