Cloud-based content management just got eZ peasy

California Clouds

California clouds. Picture: Nick Chill

eZ Publish CMS now available with Granite Horizon In The Cloud.


ECM Plus – eZ Publish is now available in a ‘cloud-based’ version to meet the web publishing needs of medium and small businesses.

Dubbed ‘Granite Horizon In The Cloud’, the content management system is available on a SaaS software as a service basis through Granite Horizon LLC, a California-based web developer and implementer.

“Talking to people in the market for a CMS, we saw a real need for a SaaS-type offering” commented Greg McAvoy-Jensen, Granite Horizon’s executive director. “Many organizations can’t muster the internal IT or financial support for a full-blown CMS effort, despite their need.

“We looked at current SaaS offerings and thought that eZ Publish, a proven CMS powerhouse, would provide a uniquely strong answer,” he said “Site owners can concentrate on their content – creating, editing and publishing words and images – without having to worry about hardware, software, upgrades, IT resources or hosting their CMS.

According to the company, GH In The Cloud is based on the eZ Publish platform with added extensions and custom features including a basic mobile site version, e-commerce and payment gateway, Google Analytics integration and RSS import/export. The service is hosted at a Tier IV data center with financial grade security and N+2 redundancy for complete reliability.

eZ said that GH In The Cloud is offered on two levels, determined by the need for custom workflows, storage and bandwidth. It is available to organizations who want to integrate a CMS into an existing site or create an entirely new one.


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