NEWS: Magnolia CMS goes Vaadin next-gen open source

Magnolia CMS

Vaadin web framework chosen for next-generation open source CMS


ECM Plus +++ A slick new user interface greets the lucky user in Magnolia’s latest, cutting-edge Version 5.0 of its popular content management software, which, it says, will slash development time by up to a staggering 50 percent.

Magnolia said their new open source content management suite also proffers the must-have promise of simplicity itself – on an enterprise scale.

The company said it had selected the Vaadin web framework as the foundation stone for its new user interface for V5.0 and that the interface will also have a next-generation technology to cut development time by partners and Java developers alike, by up to 50 percent, the company claimed.

With the Vaadin web framework, Magnolia 5.0 promises to deliver the most advanced and intuitive open-source web CMS available. V5.0 boasts full support for touch, mouse, and keyboard input keeps Magnolia abreast of the latest iPad and other touch devices that are replacing desktops and laptops. Vaadin enables the Magnolia community to write extensions in a truly modular fashion, with shared components and pure Java packaging for a consistent user experience.

Magnolia CMS 5.0 with its Vaadin-based GUI is slated for release in the 2nd half of the year.


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