Gone in a Flickr: coveted content consigned to cloud cuckoo-land

Wordmark of Flickr

Gone in a Flickr

Ve haff vays of mekking you veep! Yahoo’s Flickr fsck-up sends shock waves through cloud content communities


ECM Plus – Just when you thought it was safe to entrust all the crown jewels of content to the cloud, along comes a yarn that send shivers down your spine and makes the hairs on the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Call it asset stripping, call it digital downsizing, call it what you will, all such expressions of loss pale into insignificance on hearing the news of this one poor German fellow who watched helplessly as four years worth of thousands of his priceless photos were consigned to the ‘Great Recycle Bin’ in cyberspace following a bizarre sequence of events which culminated in cloud image behemoth Flickr deleting all his precious pictures in one fell swoop at the push of a button. Vamoosh! Gone…

The upshot? Read on here

Just goes to show how even in this day and age, an effective failsafe backup routine is as valid today as it ever was. Even though cloud is your friend, even friends have a habit of inconsistency, hence its always worth having a Plan B.


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