Adobe goes content crazy with CQ5 digital enterprise experience

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Adobe's acquisitions of Day and Omniture bring on the CEM momentum

Adobe set to transform customer experience with new CQ5 suite for the digital enterprise


ECM Plus – Well, what a difference a Day makes. Adobe Systems has just unveiled its new Web experience management software portfolio, which the company claims is a significant milestone in delivering a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform.

According to Adobe, this combination now enables immersive, multi-channel experiences, transforming how enterprises engage, sell to and offer services to their clients.

CQ5 is a unified suite of content management tools including Web content management (WCM), mobile, social collaboration, marketing campaign management (MCM) and digital asset management (DAM) applications. CQ5 adds the capabilities of Online Marketing Suite, allowing businesses to deliver more targeted content to identified segments and transform a website from a general communications platform into a focused vehicle for lead generation and revenue acceleration.

New CQ5 modules include CQ5 Mobile, which extends the capabilities of CQ5 WCM and lets businesses easily customize and repurpose existing content for optimal display across screens and devices. In addition to Web application development, CQ5 Mobile is currently the only solution in the market that allows marketers to easily edit content for native applications. Businesses can seamlessly integrate mobile into multi-channel marketing efforts, reduce costs, connect with “on-the-go” customers and increase revenue.

CQ5 Marketing Campaign Management is a unified marketing automation system that allows marketers to effectively plan and roll out multi-channel marketing campaigns by orchestrating campaigns across Web, mobile, mobile apps, social communities, social media and more. By ensuring brand consistency and campaign effectiveness, CQ5 MCM helps increase sales via better conversion rates and brand loyalty.

CQ5 Social Collaboration provides online marketers with new tools to build media-rich, interactive online communities that increase site repeat visits, build customer brand identification and loyalty, and facilitate greater customer insight for continuous optimization of new campaigns. With a new Forums capability, users can also exchange and connect information within and beyond the organization to employees, vendors, customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

CQ Targeting – a seamless unification of CQ5 and Online Marketing Suite empowers organizations to gain real-time marketing agility to drive higher rates of customer acquisition and return on campaign spend.

It also boasts pre-built integration with Adobe SiteCatalyst, powered by Omniture which enables marketers to measure and analyse customer interaction across channels for real-time updates to targeting rules to drive greater relevancy and brand engagement for outbound marketing efforts, Adobe said.

Updated modules include pre-built integration with Adobe Test&Target, powered by Omniture which enables digital marketers to analyze customer interactions and behavioural observations across channels to boost online conversion rates and drive increases in sales pipeline and company revenue.

Rob Tarkoff, SVP and GM of digital enterprise solutions for Adobe commented: “The pressure is high for businesses to become more social, personalized and interactive while maintaining greater revenue at a lower cost. This careful balancing act of effectiveness, improved customer experiences, and multi-channel optimization can only be achieved through an end-to-end Web experience management solution. CQ5 from Adobe, combined with the capabilities of Adobe Online Marketing Suite, gives business leaders unrivaled intelligence and agility to bolster their company brand and incite greater customer loyalty.”


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