IP law firm goes paperless with electronic file room

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First To File

Nixon and Vanderhye choose First To File for patent document management

ECM Plus – Patent document management specialist First To File has just been selected by intellectual property law firm Nixon & Vanderhye with its new Electronic File Room patent document management service.

According to the company, EFR enables law firms such as Nixon & Vanderhye to reduce its reliance on paper files and to meet the needs of its client roster.

The law firm said it began looking for a paperless patent document management system to address several challenges.

The firm said it was running out of physical space to store its growing volume of paper files, so an electronic solution would provide remote access to files for traveling attorneys and other remote workers.

A significant factor in Nixon & Vanderhye’s selection of FTF’s EFR was the service’s unique Tri-Fold® user interface, which mirrors the three-part paper folders that are familiar to every practicing patent attorney.

The user interface was deemed critical to ease of use and adoption. Other important factors in the selection were the ability to flexibly tailor workflows to reflect firm-wide processes as well as processes particular to specific clients or attorneys and EFR’s seamless integration with the firm’s IPMaster docketing system.

“Nixon & Vanderhye has a vision of business that is driven by digital media,” said Bryan Davidson, shareholder, Nixon & Vanderhye. “Deploying First To File’s Electronic File Room is an important part of our strategy for achieving that vision, and the high quality of the EFR service and the team that supports it puts us at ease as we enter this all-digital world.”

“First To File is partnering with leading law firms and corporations around the world to bring the benefits of digital storage, search, delivery, and collaboration to their patent practices,” said James Bergeron, chief executive officer, First To File. “EFR is the solution of choice for filing, prosecuting, sharing, and securing intellectual property in any size organization.”


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