VPS.NET drives cloud profit from new affiliate and reseller initiatives

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Happy days as virtual clouds open. Picture: akakumo

New mulitple programmes for rapid cloud infrastructure build-out for business


ECM Plus – VPS.NET has just set up its new multiple set of programmes that enable businesses to take advantage of its cloud infrastructure to launch business into the cloud.

In a new affiliate programme, VPS.NET said that it pays out a generous USD85 per referral which can be implemented in any way needed, whether through the utilisation of a text link through a review of VPS.NET or banners advertised on the business website.

VPS.NET stated that it would make sure businesses are remunerated for referral commissions and that to get started on the affiliate programme required a simple  sign up inside the VPS.NET control panel under the ‘affiliates section;.

VPS.NET said that if businesses would like to advertise all of the UK2Group brands, they can use VPS.NET’s affiliate manager at Aff.biz. If business customers decide to use banners to advertise VPS.NET’s services, it has some already created for your customers’ use. Moreover, the company said it was not necessary to be a VPS.NET customer to be an affiliate.

In their reseller Programme, VPS.NET said it was extremely competitive and easy to set up, with all services including the Level3 CDN part of the programme. 

According to VPS.NET, there are no set up fees or up-front bulk commitment costs with the reseller programme, and that resellers only pay for the services they already sold.

The company added that it is worked with Blesta, CannyBill, HostBill and WHMCS to create modules that use its API to completely automate the sale and management of its VPS services.

Resellers can thus set up nodes automatically for their own customers, and also give them a control panel to manage their VPS, whereby, they will essentially have all the power of a direct VPS.NET customer.

VPS.NET also says it works closely with resellers, so there is no automated signup form to get started. Resellers need only email terry(at)vps.net and customers will be assisted through the initial steps of launching the new products.

For more information, go to www.vps.net


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