Doculex pumps up Archive Studio for robust email capture

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Sarbanes and Oxley

Document management firm releases V4 for Exchange 2010 archiving


ECM Plus – Powering automated email capture and archiving for document management, regulatory requirements and accounts receivable workflow processing

DocuLex’s WebSearch component of the Archive Studio Software Suite V4 now has the capability to pull all inbound, outbound and inter-company email from Exchange 2010.

According to Doculex, this new automated process removes the need for human interaction, so ensuring more resilient and robust capture and retention of email.

Doculex confirmed that the new capability also provided assistance with compliance with strict privacy laws, including SEC, FINRA NASD / NYSE, GLBA, HIPAA, FRCP, FERC and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

The company said WebSearch is secure, browser-based document management software that enhances internal and external collaboration, business process workflow, email archiving, corporate compliance and records retention management scheduling.

WebSearch can be installed locally or accessed in the cloud as a managed document service. Email is secured by WebSearch, maintaining private access rights by sender or recipient. However, email deletion is unavailable by users, access logs are maintained and retention is managed by the WebSearch records management module. Incoming, outgoing and internal emails are captured instantly by the archive server using a journaling function inherent to the clients’ mail server. Any email and attachments sent or delivered will be archived and processed.

As well as archived email, WebSearch can leverage the Exchange 2010 integration technology for actively capturing incoming accounts payable invoices and delivering outgoing receivable invoices with other supporting documents, thus reducing printing and scanning costs associated with paper-centric business process workflow. WebSearch pushes notifications for a task to staff including; invoice approvals, purchase orders, release of payment or customer emails with bill of lading, invoices and other supporting documents. WebSearch utilizes existing data from Microsoft Dynamics GP, Quicken and other popular accounting packages.

David Bailey, President of DocuLex commented: “Driven by the embedded decision engine, WebSearch is a comprehensive user interface that allows a company to grow and expand its use with enhanced functionality for business process automation. The addition of email archiving with MS Exchange 2010, along with its accounting process automation capabilities, is testament to furthering this growth and expansion.”


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