Datafinity captures top form in PSI ops

World War II Captured Equipment Document

Captured documents - Image: SemperNovus

Firm proffers new forms processing document management via PSI:Capture


ECM Plus – Document management and capture specialist Datafinity has released PSI:Capture 4.0 which now boasts over 100 new features in the new version, including a OCR/ICR engine from Open Text with multi‐language support, forms recognition, auto redaction and enhancements to its data extraction.

According to Datafinity, V4.0 also offers new Intelligent Character Recognition or ICR, as an engine which enables hand-printed text to be captured from any
number of ‘zones’ on a document, making it suitable for forms processing and data capture.

PSI:Capture 4.0 can now be used for any forms processing application, whether it contains hand printed or machine printed text, check boxes or 1D/2D barcodes. ICR accuracy is greatly enhanced by advanced features such as software colour drop‐out, reducing manual data entry by as much as 90%. 

Forms processing technology is being used by more and more companies to reduce the manual effort of keying data from paper into business systems. Applications for this technology include sales orders, satisfaction surveys, account applications, insurance claims, expenses claims, timesheets, HR records and many others. Until now automated forms processing has been priced out of the reach of small to medium-sized business.

“Since the release of PSI:Capture 4.0 we’ve had great interest from companies of various sizes and industries, including retail mail order, local government and the NHS” commented Andy Dawson, managing director for Datafinity. “With this powerful and competitively priced forms processing solution companies of all sizes can now achieve significant productivity gains and payback within 3 to 6 months”. Dawson added. For more on forms processing and capture see ttp:// and respectively.


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