AuraPortal integrates content management with BPM

Workflow/Business Process Management (BPM) Ser...

Workflow/Business process management model

AuraPortal ups the ante with first BPM suite with integrated content management system

ECM Plus – AuraPortal has released a new content management module as part of its Business Management Platform integrated with business process management, business rules, document management, customer relationship management and online commerce, extending the platform’s scope extensively.

According to the company, the new content management will enable users to design customised systems, with all transaction activity monitored by AuraPortal BPM, as it happens with the rest of AuraPortal’s functionalities.

“We don’t wish to offer our customers disconnected modules. We offer a state-of-the-art BPMS Suite with a totally integrated Document and Content Management System”, says Pablo Trilles, Vice-President, AuraPortal. “The market is demanding complete solutions. Using these kinds of applications in an isolated way, good as they may be, reduces substantially its effectiveness and it is certainly unacceptable these days”.

“One of the goals of the Content Management module is to easily and automatically maintain the company’s website on the Internet”, says Pablo Trilles, “Business Processes features may be used to establish creation and approval flows for any content to be published”.

AuraPortal said that it now provided a complete Content Management system for publishing on the web: includeing announcements, news, articles, documents, vdeos and any type of digital content created by the company, in which all stages of content’s lifecycle are contemplated, such as: creation and/or capture, storage, security, flow, access, publication, version’s control, recovering, distribution, conservation and destruction of the contents. All this without IT programming required.


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