INTO THE ZONE: Enterprise zones in England to boost manufacturing redux – Osborne

George Osborne and his economics primer

Osborne and his economics primer. Image: poppet

Welcome return to manufacturing in British Industry?

Though it is still a verbal promissory note for tax breaks with lower business rates and simplified business planning regulations, the announcement by Chancellor Gideon ‘George’ Osborne, heir to the millionaire wallpapers tycoon family, so he should know more than anyone that it is business that expels poverty, that is it enterprise that creates jobs and that it is corporate social responsibility and business ethics that promotes and earns trust from clients and customers – not enforced directives and gold-plated regulations foisted on business people in England and Wales.

The recent by-election decimation of the Lib Dems and the rise and rise of UKIP amply demonstrates that the British are tired of empty promises and more red-tape and broken manifesto promises; they want action, so Gideon’s promise to be part of the British manufacturing renaissance is more than welcome. Only time will tell whether the Eighties-style enterprise zones will add up to much more than a ConDem soundbite in hindsight. Speaking at the Tory party’s Spring Conference in Cardiff today, Gideon was quoted as saying “tax breaks and less bureaucracy, not quangos and more regulation.” We can but hope.


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