INTO THE ZONE: War on red-tape as Tories promise bonfire of regulation

UKIP party logo

By-election gains increase for UKIP

Petit bureaucrats and tardy councils lambasted by PM as Tories back enterprise to save Britain

At the Tory party spring conference today, Prime Minister David Cameron called on the entrepreneurs and go-getters of Britain to save it from drowning in red-tape and petit bureaucrats in order to drive the recovery.

However, the problem for this noble aspiration is that in order to make a bonfire of the quangos and to tear up the red-tape bureaucracy, will all be but “warm words” as Labour called it, if Britain does not go to the root cause of all this complexity and bureacracy and treat the malaise at the source – Brussels.

The recent UKIP gains in th by-election in Barnsley, where the Lib Dems lost their deposit, is showing that the voters are ahead of the Tories in knowing where the dead-hand of bureaucracy lies that will kill stone dead any noble aspiration for enterprise to save Britain economically and socially, as Cameron stated.

If UKIP were to replicate its Barnsley success nationwide, the unravelling of red-tape may happen. Without it, nothing will change.


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