Survey highlights public sector jitters as spending review fears abate

John Cleese as a civil servant in the halls of...

Civil servant in the halls of the Ministry

Jobsworth jitters as civil service finance workers opine in wake of CSR slashbacks

ECM Plus – Almost two-thirds of public sector finance workers surveyed by document management software vendor Version One say that they currently have ‘a positive vision’ of their department’s future in the wake of the ConDem coaliton’s ‘Comprehensive Spending Review’.

The survey, conducted with 158 finance civil servants in various public sector departments and agencies working for the government found that 62 percent were ‘feeling confident’ about their future. 

However, 26 percent admitted to being ‘concerned’ about what lay ahead for their department while 4 percent in the survey admitting they were ‘very concerned’.

Julian Buck, Version One’s Managing Director, comments, “The results of this survey make surprising reading and indicate that despite having to make some major financial adjustments, public sector organisations are feeling optimistic about the future.’

The survey also asked respondents what steps they believed were key to enabling them to cope more effectively with the budget cuts. 39 per cent said a combination of smarter procurement, moving to shared services and investing in automation technology, 10 percent said outsourcing was a cost-effective alternative to in-house capability while 9 percent confessed that redundancies were the answer.

42 per cent admitted a combination of all these actions would achieve the desired public sector expenditure cutbacks.

Added Buck:  “While, sadly, redundancies are almost inevitable in the public sector, the survey suggests that organisations are looking to do everything they possibly can to tighten their belts to make job losses the last resort.”


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