Bitrix goes social in web CMS update


Bitrix goes social in web content update. Image: melandory

Site Manager ASP.NET 5.5 boosts web content management and creation tools for editors, designers and developers.

ECM Plus – Bitrix has released Version 5.5 of Site Manager ASP.NET, primarily aimed at website content editors, designers and developers who prefer to use ASP.NET for their web projects.

Site Manager ASP.NET 5.5 now boasts ready-to-go design and content templates for corporate, personal, and community websites that are available from inside the regular install wizard.

Like the PHP-version of BSM, site solution structures can be changed at any time, and each has variations in general design and color schemes.

Bitrix said that special emphasis had been put on the social media tools in 5.5, with support for blogs which have also been improved, as well as fora, personal communications systems and ratings features. A proactive protection module has been enhanced, as well as the ORM mechanism which enables automated saves, filters and data retrieval from the database.

The proactive protection module now has a built-in web application firewall, stress-tested live in at the Chaos Construction convention, where it withstood over 25,000 hack attempts, Bitrix said.

Site Manager ASP.NET 5.5 also boasts tight integration with Visual Studio 2008 for developmers and certification for MS Server 2008 R2.

Users of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET 5.0 with valid support contracts can upgrade to the new version free using the product’s SiteUpdate feature, while a fully-functional thirty-day demo version can be downloaded from


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