Columbia takes off at Terminal 4

Teachers College, Columbia University

Teaching College at Columbia University

$150,000 web content management deal for teachers college at Columbia University


ECM Plus – Irish content management firm TERMINALFOUR has just implemented a new US$150,000 web content management suite for New York-based Teachers College Columbia University.

According to the Irish firm, TERMINALFOUR’s WCM software forms the basis for the college’s academic, administrative, faculty and research websites.

Founded in 1887, Teachers College Columbia University has more than 5,300 students.

The new system will provide the college at Columbia with Site Manager which they hope will streamline the entire publishing process for the college’s websites and will also enable the creation of personalised academic catalogues which extends to the management of the entire paper-based catalogue publishing process.

Paul Acquaro of Teachers College commented: “Our web development strategy is playing an increasingly integral part of the College’s future strategic direction. Its role in the recruitment, retention and engagement of faculty and students is growing and defining how successfully we compete as a 21st century institute of higher education. We needed a web content management company that understood and shared our vision for a modern and dynamic college.”

“We found a lot of vendors had taken their eyes off the ball when it came to keeping their products modern and flexible but TERMINALFOUR were ahead of the curve. TERMINALFOUR’s software is both simple to use and incredibly powerful. Also, the company’s credentials in higher education are unmatched and this gave us the comfort that they understand the challenges we face and importantly could help us overcome them. Ultimately, we bought the relationship with TERMINALFOUR”, concluded Acquaro.

Piero Tintori, CEO of TERMINALFOUR added: “Teachers College, Columbia University is a bellwether in the delivery of education and has been committed to shaping a progressive and sophisticated online presence for years. By working with TERMINALFOUR, it will be able to continue this tradition as the demands for interactive media and greater collaboration tools are introduced across all 300 websites.”


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