DocuLex unveils search connector for document discovery

Constitution of the United States of America

E Pluribus Unum? Document search and retrieval. Image: U.S. National Archives

Line of business applications integration and WebSearch Document Management, Workflow and Email Archive solution

ECM Plus – DocuLex has released WebSearch Connector V2 for rapid integration between DocuLex Archive Studio’s WebSearch document management and business applications, including Dynamics GP, QuickBooks, Sage, Needles and other line-of-business packages.

According to Doculex, the WebSearch Connector has a direct pipeline between applications and WebSearch, enabling users to search documents and to retrieve them from desktop or browser-based applications. The DocuLex WebSearch Connector eliminates the technical hurdles and expense most often associated with custom programming and integration, allowing for built-in seamless integration.

Version 2 now includes the ability to retrieve all documents associated to a transaction, name or key words in an email with just one touch of a key – instantly the browser opens with WebSearch displaying any documents related to the content of interest.

“DocuLex continues to enhance our products with automated solutions to decrease time and expense for our users” commented David Bailey, DocuLex President. “WebSearch Connector V2 works with a multitude of popular business software packages that are deployed within many organizations across multiple industries. With WebSearch Connector, we have developed a way for new and current DocuLex Archive Studio customers to easily integrate our product into their existing line-of-business processes, giving them the ability to retrieve documents instantly. The individual user and overall organization’s effectiveness is even more pronounced with the combination of WebSearch and their existing popular business.


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