GXS touts GridConnect for cloud SaaS collaborators

GXS (company)
GXS on the grid in cloud collaborator for SaaS and ISVs

Embedded integration partner programme for ISVs and SaaS providers for B2B cloud

ECM Plus +++ GXS has just taken the wraps off a new programme for collaborators in the independent software vendor community and SaaS players to embed GXS’s Trading Grid integration cloud platform into cloud services and software apps.

GXS said that their collaborators can now connect banking, manufacturing and retailer customers to make the most of their six million trading partner relationships already in GXS Trading Grid.

GXS collaborators also gain transparent access to the Trading Grid services to speed up customer and community integration, accelerate the monetization trajectory and ensure client retention.

Andrea Brody, vice president, market and business development of GXS said: “Traditionally, e-procurement systems, vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems, supply chain planning applications and transportation management systems (TMS) were process-specific and separate from a company’s business partner network. But with the rise of cloud computing, the lines are blurring between applications and integration platforms. ISVs are realising that time-to-revenue is heavily dependent on speed-to-implementation between their applications and their customers.”

GXS’ GridConnect collaborator programme includes integration and access to GXS Trading Grid, with flexible pricing options, joint go-to-market programmes and support and implementation for both partners and their clients.

GXS Trading Grid multi-tenant integration platform provides pre-wired connections to more than six million trading partner relationships; community on-boarding and management expertise with local language support; social networking tools to improve partner on-boarding and collaboration; flexible usage, enabling up-scaling and down-scaling of capacity based on demand. It also offers network-based integration services, including connectivity, translation, data quality, track-and-trace, dashboards and support for industry standard protocols such as cXML, used in procurement processes.

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