DOC does smallest SSD on chip storage

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The incredible shrinking drive

Foremay claims OC177 as world’s smallest SSD Disk on a chip – 32Gb and 64Gb for both IDE and SATA


ECM Plus – Foremay has just introduced a disk-on-chip solid state hard drive into the OC177 SSD range featuring a tiny dimension of only 22 x 22 x 1.8 mm.

According to the company, the storage device is thin and light, yet robust and the disk chip is being marketed as DOC.

DOC supports standard IDE or SATA host interface, and complies with ATA-7 specifications. Storage capacity is up to 32GB with a read/write speed up to 70/40 MB/s. and the 64GB capacity SSD is expected to be available in Q3’2011.

“Foremay’s DOC drive eliminates the need to have a “disk drive” attached to the computer motherboard,” said Jack Winters, CTO of Foremay. “The DOC can be soldered directly onto the motherboard via its LGA or BGA pins, which also significantly enhances the anti-shock and anti-vibration performance from DOC equipped computers.”

According to Foremay, the DOC chip disk is designed for high reliability and rugged embedded computing applications where ultra-compact, ultra-low profile, ultra-high anti-shock and/or ultra-high anti-vibration capability are required.

The suggested applications for DOC include embedded computers and industrial PCs, rugged laptops and handheld computing machines, slim laptops and notebook computers, MID / Camcorders, UMPC and netbooks, GPS navigators, PMP and gaming consoles, POS terminals and handheld and mobile devices.

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