Mobile music subs to hit 178m by 2015

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From Bollywood musicals to lovers of jazz, classical, metal and all genres



ECM Plus – A new report is predicting that the number of mobile customers who are prepared to pay a monthly subscription to music via download or by streaming, may reach 178 million people by the  year 2015.

This represents, the report by Juniper Research said, over three times as many people currently subscribed to such music services last year.

According to the report, Chines and Indian people are likely to subscribe in greater numbers than at present. Juniper said this was due to ‘the Bollywood film industry’.

“While streaming is the buzz-word in developed markets, we should not forget that it is in markets where a combination of a large population, rising mobile subscriber penetration, and developing economies that represent a golden opportunity for mobile music services’ said the report’s author Daniel Ashdown. “Subscription models offer affordable access to large catalogues of music, and a regular income for mobile operators such as China Mobile and Bharti Airtel.”

The report also stated that the once-popular ‘ringtone’ market, in decline for a number of years, will continue to lose value. Apparently, mobile customers are increasingly finding that web-based music services and even built-in software applications which enable them to customise their own ringtones has helped to choke off the ringtone market.

The report further noted that the niche ‘ringback’ tones market will remain largely a phenomenon of the Chinese market and that the market for mobile music videos will also grow steadily over the next few years.

The report predicts a market value of US$5.5 billion by 2015.

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