Testing times as MTI proffers EMC cloud virtualization tools


MTI adds EMC VNX to its Solutions Centres

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ A new European cloud virtualisation platform has been launched for enterprise ‘proof-of-concept’.

Cloud infrastructure consultancy MTI has just revealed details of its plans to add EMC VNX capabilities, enabling testing of performance and functionality within a fully-integrated virtualisation architecture within a three-location cloud environment.

According to MTI, testing of new EMC VNX series products offer a unified platform for all applications which, the company claims, can save 50 percent on capacity use and provide an optimised platform for VMware ESX virtualisation.

MTI confirmed that its existing Solution Centres offer Vblock Infrastructure Platforms for ‘proof of concept’ testing.

The company also stated that it now anticipates significant growth as a result of the addition of the EMC VNX capability and claims that it is ‘the only provider who can offer customers the ability to test a full environment from technical implementation to application management’.

Christian Putz, Director of Partner Sales for EMC EMEA said: “Our VNX range is designed to bring customers to a unified and most importantly, simplified infrastructure which enables them to embrace new technologies. MTI’s adoption of VNX in its Solution Centres means that our reach is expanded with customers.”

Aad Dekkers, CMO for MTI added: “MTI has identified two major constraints which are pushing managers to turn to an integrated infrastructure. Firstly, the increased complexity of data centres is pushing customers towards the deployment of unified solutions in order to manage the workloads. Furthermore, financial constraints are encouraging IT managers to turn to managed and scalable solutions which fit within budgets and respond to business needs.”

Dekkers also said that MTI’s ‘three’s a cloud’ Solution Centres could also help achieve an optimised and automated data centre environment in so-called ‘lab conditions’ which can then be transitioned to a client’s business.

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