Enterprises still racing to roll-out ECM in social media maelstrom

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Typical records management lifecycle

End-users influencing enterprise content management to meet sector-specific requirements – report

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Take-up of ECM is proceeding apace, according to a new report by the Association for Information Image Management.

The report found that sector-specific software suites, dedicated customisation and best-of-breed add-ons are shoe-horning enterprise content management into many different industries.

45 percent of organisations are currently implementing an enterprise-wide ECM system. A majority of the surveyed firms have specific ECM application requirements, such as for long-term records archiving and management of physical records. 

40 percent of the surveyed firms said they needed to comply with particular records management standards and a similar number responded that they have a need for high-volume scanning and capture.

Case management was cited as a distinct need in a third of respondents. A wide range of additional requirements for industry-specific applications was cited in 20 to 30 percent of ECM implementations.

37 percent said they were solving industry-specific needs by a careful choice of ‘generic vendor’, while 18 percent said they would choose an industry-specific vendor.

57 percent of respondents stated that they had some degree of local customisation and 27 percent claimed to have ‘add-ons’.

The report also revealed that the biggest firms are now using so-called ‘social business systems’ and Enterprise 2.0 tools, with SMEs apparently ‘lagging somewhat’ at 36 percent.

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