EpiServer takes it personal with latest WCM version

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Following user behaviour and personalisation just got easier

Firm brings web content personalisation to ‘marketing masses’


ECM Plus +++ EpiServer’s latest version just released now claims to offer marketers a way to personalise web content – based on users’ demographic information and online behaviour, the company said.

According to EpiServer, now content can be served up to visitors based on so-called ‘virtual roles’, such as potential or current customers.

Furthermore, demographic and behavioural data such as location (geo-ip), number of visits, pages viewed, references, and search terms entered by the user are used to identify people who visit and to ‘assign them within the pre-defined roles’ the company said.

The new versions of EPiServer CMS, Composer, Relate, and Commerce are based on .NET 4, MVC 2 and VS2010. The company confirmed that the products are designed to define visitor groups to set personalised content criteria, as well as target various other demographics depending on where the user is located, their background and their personal interests; to enable dynamic content preview.

EpiServer’s Bob Egner commented: “Maybe a prospect in Edinburgh browsed your products. Why not offer him a contact form to the local sales office for more information? Or, perhaps a visitor viewed a product page three times. You now have the ability to offer them a discount on the spot to entice purchase of the viewed product.”

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