Gazelle back on track with Sitecore

Day 29: CMS
Image: quinn.anya

GeoIP tracking software to monitor customers’ usage and feed information back for marketing

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Gazelle, the Dutch biker maker has just rolled out a new web and online marketing system based on Sitecore’s CMS.

According to the cycle firm, the system will consist of a multilingual sites, and, will have GeoIP tracking.

Gazelle’s Pieter van der Krol said: “With Sitecore we can showcase our innovation with localised websites, dynamic content, social media integration and the ability to purchase from our site. Furthermore, we can deliver the optimal content and experience to our site visitors, and increase our community of cycling enthusiasts.”

Gazelle said it would also be launching local websites in multiple languages and would be offering the ability to purchase products online using Sitecore’s CMS.

Moreover, Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite will be used to ‘track and better understand its customers’

Harry van Rossum, managing director of Sitecore Netherlands added: “Furthermore, Sitecore’s solution gives Gazelle the ability to gain real customer intelligence to offer localised content and be more progressive online.”

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