NAB SHOW: TV content session tackles mainstream media miasma

NAB Show Floor

NAB Show in Las Vegas

Session to examine distribution of TV content across new platforms


ECM Plus +++ This year’s NAB Show is to take on the challenging issues of the day in mass media, with a new super session given over to what it calls the ‘Connected TV’, which is set to feature industry pundits opining on their take on a ‘new Internet’ and the video devices that are impacting the maisntream media’s television fate.

2011’s  NAB Show promises quite a paradigm shift for content creators with the debut of a the Super Session examining the new ways in which content is delivered to people and the ramifications such developments have on the mainstream media TV’s future. 

The ‘Connected TV: Smart Devices, New Strategies’ session will be held Monday, April 11 at NAB in Las Vegas.

Moderated by Will Richmond, President of Broadband Directions , session talking heads will include Richard Buchanan, vice presidnet of video services for Comcast Media, Wilfred Martis, General Manager of Intel’s retail CE products, Susan Panico of Sony PlayStation Network, Jack Perry, CEO of Syncbak and Paul Wehrley. Chief Operating Officer of Clicker.

The panelists will be identifying how content providers might be able to expand their audience using new video platforms, and will tackle new opportunities to present online content on television devices.

Panel discussion to thrash out prospects for television content

“Connected TVs are a game-changer because they move the online video experience into the living room TV for the first time,” Richmond said. “By broadening online viewing to TVs, consumers can enjoy their favorite videos on their big-screen TVs, significantly changing the value proposition. On this Super Session panel, we’ll be exploring the implications of this important market shift.”

More info on the content super session are available at

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