SharePoint support sees new Kofax Express 2.5 boost scan-to-archive

The CIS bar of a flatbed scanner

Scan-to-archive and SharePoint process integration

Kofax Express automated indexing and SharePoint integration added


ECM Plus +++ Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) has just released the latest version of its Kofax Express now on 2.5, scan-to-archive software package.

V2.5 now scans, indexes and exports documents for retrieval an in the new version can also automate indexing capabilities. V2.5 also boasts certification for SharePoint 2010 which, the company said, can improve the software’s ability to capture documents and data for faster processing, enhanced data quality and reduced costs. 

New features in Express 2.5 include: Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR)which enables users to train the software to identify and automatically extract index field data from documents, thus providing faster indexing and accelerated processing times.

V2.5 also has ‘Rubber Band OCR’ to rubber band index fields in a document ug a mouse and automatically extract data, thus saving keystrokes and making the indexing of documents faster and easier.

Express 2.5 is certified for both Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to collect, transform and deliver information into SharePoint and the initiation of SharePoint workflows.

Jim Nicol, executive vice president of products for Kofax commented: “By adding new capabilities that simplify setup, indexing and administration, we’ve automated more of the process and further reduced costs associated with training for an even faster ROI.”

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