Collaboration conundrum as CIOs scratch heads over mobile and cloud chaos

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Survey found FUD in collaboration craze

Chief Information Officers are struggling to meet rising demands for collaboration, survey shows rise in mobile and cloud changing working practices

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Striking findings from a new study commissioned by Workshare has revealed that a small majority of British Chief Information Officers and IT directors have already granted business users access to corporate documents by mobiles – or plan to – within the next year.

According to Workshare’s survey, the results point to an increasing demand for collaboration to provide people with access to information whilst on the hoof.

However, the increasing demand for such mobile and cloud-based collaboration presents real challenges for those IT people whose job it is to protect corporatist documentation.

The survey also found that email still remains the preferred collaboration weapon-of-choice for 71 percent of employees.

Despite 87 percent of respondents already claiming to have deployed SharePoint, rising to 92 percent in firms with over 3,000 employees, some 50 percent or so said they were still concerned. 22 percent of senior IT employees admitted to being ‘frustrated’ by a ‘poor user interface’, and 51 percent – increasing up to 64 percent in the financial sector – cited a ‘high level of customisation’ still being needed.

Limited reporting and analytics features were other sticking points cited by IT staff, according to the survey.

Workshare’s John Safa said: “IT is looking to reduce the time spent customising these tools to meet specific business requirements. But customisation and a poor user interface aren’t the only pain points for IT. They also face the challenge of how to extend that access to mobile and the cloud.”

Added Safa: “The bottom line is that collaboration technologies are being deployed to give users productivity gains. So, if they aren’t easy to use and users aren’t adopting the systems, that investment is wasted. At the end of the day these solutions are meant to help employees get their jobs done more quickly.”

“The results of this survey clearly show that IT professionals are crying out for one platform that integrates everything while remaining secure, user-friendly and cost-effective. In addition to finding the right integration solution, it is also imperative that documents are secure as more access points are created. This is especially important as today’s workforce becomes increasingly mobile and uses wireless connections.”

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