NAB SHOW: Jeepers Keepers! It’s media storage and archive a-go-go for Frisco’s Current TV

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Current TV trying out Keeper

Keeper Technology touts new Motion Media Suite for broadcasters’ storage, archive and media Management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ /LAS VEGAS/ – Keeper Technology has just launched a new storage and archive media management offering, dubbed ‘Motion Media Suite’.

According to Keeper, Motion Media Suite is an ‘intelligent’ storage, archive, and media management system. It has been designed to work with Final Cut Pro workgroups.

The company is currently working with broadcasting firm Current TV in testing Motion Media Suite as an addition to its current storage.

If successful, Keeper said that Current TV would be migrating their post production facilities in San Francisco and Los Angeles to Motion Media Suite. Keeper Technology will provide a turnkey installation of their bundled storage management solution, Motion Media Suite, as part of an in-the-field evaluation program.

Motion Media Suite is a pre-configured integration of shared storage, archive, and media comes with one year of 5×9 support and phone-home technology, custom scripting and special features to support and organise content.

Current TV would integrate their storage workflows with Motion Media Suite in San Francisco and Motion Media Suite Satellite in Los Angeles, with the addition of expansion packages installed as needed to meet future storage needs. Said Current TV’s Joe Maidenberg: “Motion Media Suite really lets us leverage Final Cut Server. It ties digital asset management directly into an industry-proven storage and archiving solution that offers high performance for our Macs and Linux hosts. Our entirely file-based workflow churns through a huge amount of data every year, so putting the archive and retrieval functions in the hands of users greatly allows us to cut down on manual tasks and focus on improving our creative capabilities.”

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