Terra firma: Land grab as realtors tap ClearPeople for SharePoint, doc management

Commercial property in Carnotstr., Berlin.

Commercial property moves in on document management, SharePoint with ClearPeople

ClearPeople offers commercial property sector better document management and consulting for property transactions.

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ SharePoint document management specialist ClearPeople has a new offering for commercial property clients in the wake of recent roll-outs for Cushman Wakefield, Knight Frank and Land Securities.

According to ClearPeople, document management systems are becoming increasingly critical in property firms, due in part to rising amounts of emails and paper documents in property deals which continue to put the strain on traditional filing systems.

ClearPeople cited document versioning, indexing, storage and retrieval as being amongst the largest challenges that face information technology departmnets inside the property sector.

The firm said that over half of companies in the British commercial property sector already have SharePoint licenses available or installed, while many, including major companies in the sector, are turning to SharePoint to meet their document management needs, it said.

ClearPeople stated that its new DM offering is optimised to support key property sector service lines, such as asset management, retail/shopping centres, valuation, retail/industrial warehousing, and capital markets.

Gabriel Karawani of ClearPeople commented: “Sharing information on the purchase or sale of commercial property holdings has never been simpler or more cost effective. We can build a DM solution upon a client’s existing SharePoint infrastructure that provides advanced document management while keeping both implementation cost and total cost of ownership low.”

Notable features in ClearPeople’s DM approach include improved team collaboration and visibility of documents and email held in the DM system: all team members have access to the latest approved documentation, avoiding the risk of working on out-of-date documents or files being ‘lost’ in a team member’s inbox.

It also now boasts managed workflows to ensure full documentation is handed over at each stage, streamlining business processes such as: approvals, document transmittals and change requestsl each property can be managed through it’s own electronic file, containing contracts and supporting documents (with full version control and lifecycle management including retention and expiry policies); storage of all electronic files, emails and scanned documents in a consolidated, indexed location enabling rapid search and retrieval of all documentation; based on SharePoint, ClearPeople’s solution offers advanced DM functionality with low implementation and ongoing maintenance costs. It also now proffers an intuitive interface, fully integrated with Microsoft Office.

Added Karawani: “Our solution has been integrated with bespoke CRM solutions, legacy property management software and context databases, enabling our property sector clients to improve the management and sharing of centrally stored documents and emails while streamlining processes through an end-to-end document management and storage system. The solution also helps clients meet compliance requirements by enabling them to track and account for large volumes of documentation and emails.”

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