Up close and personal as Sitecore reveals new ‘Digital Intimacy’

Sitecore CMS

Sitecore’s new ‘Digital Intimacy’ – a ‘revolution’ with its ‘Customer Engagement’ platform

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ CMS vendor Sitecore has just unveiled its new ‘Customer Engagement Platform’, which, the company claims, will ‘create relevant and valuable customer conversations’.

Sitecore CEO Michael Seifert said that the Customer Engagement Platform was a major step towards what he called ‘digital intimacy’ and that it marked ‘the coming of a new era’ of online business.

Said the CEO “This is not an evolution, it is a revolution. Our customers can achieve results that were otherwise not possible before. Moreover, they will be so much better informed on which marketing and outreach initiatives are bringing value to their organisation and customers.”

According to Sitecore, their Customer Engagement Platform has what it said are ‘new and magical ways’ to orchestrate customer needs. Three new integrated products have enabled this magic: Engagement Analytics, Engagement Automation, and the Personalisation and Experience Editor.

With the ‘Engagement Analytics’, the next generation beyond Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite, is designed for marketers and business people to understand which online investments are paying off, enabling rapid response and impact. It measures, visualises and compares all initiatives and online campaigns, quickly showing their impact in creating awareness, engagement and quality prospects. Engagement analytics commands the business view marketers and business people want to make informed decisions on digital investments.

‘Engagement Automation’ controls the conversation with visitors, integrating with multiple marketing channels, orchestrating events across time and visits, enabling quick and automatic responses to the many ‘touch points’ and requests. It can also automatically integrate with Sitecore’s range of online products, including Web content management, email, engagement analytics and even claims CRM system integration. Finally, the ‘Personalisation and Experience Editor’ offers up an interface of the Inline Experience Editor enabling content creation and auto-association with established personas.

Released June 8 at Sitecore’s Annual Dreamcore Developer and Partner Conference in London, a product preview is available at http://www.sitecore.net/cep.

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