Doculex plugs gaps with new educative channel partner programme

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DocuLex rolls out new customer experience programme for partners to extol virtues of Archive Studio

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Document management specialist DocuLex has started up a new Customer Experience Program, which will revolve around further education for DocuLex dealers and partners on the benefits of owning DocuLex software.

Aspects of the programme will include increases in educational email, mail and other communications, regular webinars on newly-released and forgotten features of the Archive Studio Software Suite, post-service surveys, prompt follow up to requests for upgrades and annual support (maintenance bundles), information on professional services available. It will also include a venue for escalating outstanding issues.

According to the company, dealers can expect enhanced relationships with their customers as a result of the benefits this program provides, giving the Dealer’s customers another reason to choose DocuLex software and services over competitive products.

Commenting on the new programme, Doculex’s President David Bailey said: “There was a gap in our existing processes that was becoming increasingly obvious – the need in the channel for more education on the benefits of the DocuLex Archive Studio Software Suite for document management and why partnering with DocuLex is a good idea. In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to our Dealers and Partners, we have implemented a comprehensive Customer Experience Program to provide a consistent stream of information and support that will ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.”

Added Bailey: “Our Program will involve an increase in customer-related activities and a dedicated representative here at DocuLex solely focused on strengthening customer relations through consistent contact and communications.”

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