DigitalFilm Tree casts Xytech in lead role for Tinseltown media makeover

Hollywood Studios 1922
Tinsel Town in the Roaring Twenties

DigitalFilm Tree puts Xytech’s MediaPulse in place for post-production, takes a bow for an Encore


ECM Plus +++ Hollywood-based post-production company DigitalFilm Tree has just invested in a new MediaPulse platform and extension, Encore, for its production, post and consulting operation.

DigitalFilm Tree specialises in workflow for file-based post-production while creating new ways of working that helps film-makers, broadcasters and studios to adapt to a changing technological landscape.

According to Xytech, the team at DigitalFilm Tree needed to power operations, scheduling, billing, and asset allocation, so they carefully analyzed their needs and options in support of their growing and evolving business. In the end, they chose Xytech’s MediaPulse platform because of its unique and unparalleled flexibility, which is an absolute requirement to meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s ad-hoc environment.

DigitalFilm Tree has also engaged Encore, a platform extension debuted by Xytech at the NAB Show 2011. By introducing Silverlight and Rich Internet Application services into the realm of resource, work order, and asset management systems, Encore manages facility operations with collaborative tools in a cloud-enabled, browser-based solution.

The company said that Encore was well-suited to the DigitalFilm Tree environment, which boasts technology alongside highly-creative projects in a collaborative environment. The firm said that the added flexibility that Encore brings to MediaPulse had been ‘influential’ in DigitalFilm Tree’s decision.

Ramy Katrib, CEO of DigitalFilm Tree, said: “The decision to go with MediaPulse was almost visceral. Xytech gets who we are, and they understand how we work in a way that their competitors do not. The industry paradigm has changed, and Xytech’s open nature, technology, and user interface will allow us to continue to stay in front of the rapidly changing requirements that will continue to unfold. We keep ahead of the curve, so that our customers can just keep working, and Xytech will help us to do that.”

Greg Dolan, Executive Vice President of Xytech added: “Ramy and the team at DigitalFilm Tree are the perfect example of how a creatively and technically adept business faces today’s ad-hoc enterprise. We are delighted to work with them and see MediaPulse Encore as a perfect fit. We look forward to seeing their continued evolution and how Encore supports that vision.”

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