WEEKEND PLUS: SharePoint Killer? Huddle helps jobsworths jiggle IT towards the Cloud

Huddle's CEO Alastair Mitchell

Incumbents quiver as public sector edges closer to the cloud with government-wide agreed terms with Huddle

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The British government’s drift towards using cloud computing is gathering momentum in the wake of government-wide agreed terms with Huddle, the cloud collaboration and content management company.

According to Huddle, the commercial proposition has been jointly-developed by Huddle and a working group headed by DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in support of the Government Cloud Programme.

With the agreement, Huddle said it now becomes the first cloud supplier to recognise government as a single ICT customer, actively working together to deliver increased value for money – taxpayers money.

Under the new arrangements, any government body, including central government departments, local government, executive agencies, arms-length bodies – the ‘quangos’ – and NHS agencies can ‘benefit’ from government-specific Huddle pricing, training and support, the firm added.

Huddle said that the new agreement follows the release of the Government ICT Strategy, highlighting the need to move to cloud computing, increase collaboration and remove the barriers preventing SMEs from participating in the government ICT procurement ‘marketplace’.

“…the cloud is now at the heart of the public sector’s drive to increase efficiency, productivity and achieve cost savings” opined Alastair Mitchell, CEO for Huddle. “Organisations require a secure cross-platform, cross-firewall tool and our figures show that government could save more than £100 million by replacing the likes of SharePoint with Huddle. As this agreement demonstrates, it is possible for start-ups to secure deals with government and move into an area that has been dominated by systems integrators and technology goliaths. Following David Cameron’s push to support the UK’s technology ecosystem, now is the time for the industry to really shine.”

The commercial proposition comes into effect immediately and, as part of the arrangement, Huddle will provide government bodies with a number of services, including access to network integration, reporting, mobile applications, best practice content and training sessions with its public sector specialists.

The new commercial terms that have been offered to government will benefit all existing and new Huddle customers as well as creating an exemplar for similar cloud agreements in the future, the company has confirmed.

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