Media Express’ metadata move does wonders for workflow

BlackMagic Designs

Added 3D support, metadata, 4K support, cross-platform

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Blackmagic Design has released Media Express 3, an new update for advanced capture and playback using Blackmagic Design DeckLink,

According to the company, the updated version mow boasts Multibridge, Intensity and UltraStudio Pro products that supports Windows 7, Mac OSX and Linux platforms.

Media Express 3 is used by thousands of Blackmagic Design customers for managing a wide range of media types and for capture and playback of files to and from broadcast decks. Media Express is the perfect combination for software applications that do not support direct capture and playback to tape decks from within the software itself, the company said.

Media Express can also now manages XML imports and other tasks needed by customers for managing jobs.

Media Express 3 now also supports 3D workflows with DPX, QuickTime and AVI files, clip bins, more metadata, realtime capture and playback up to 4K resolutions and a visually stunning new user interface. Media Express is free for all Blackmagic Design customers and will be available in June for download from the Blackmagic Design web site.

“Media Express has been the backbone of productions from episodic television series to major Hollywood 3D films. Our focus for this major update was to create an even more fluid, ergonomic workflow, more metadata and clip management, while at the same time keeping the simplicity of Media Express that our customers have grown to love,” commented Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design. “With new features like thumbnail view and clip bins, larger more complicated conforms such as 3D features are far easier to manage and deliver. We know our customers are going to be totally blown away with this new release.”

Media Express 3’s raft of feature now include: Timecode accurate capture and playback to Uncompressed YUV or RGB QuickTime, AVI and DPX on the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms; support for SD, HD, 3D, 2K and 4K capture and playback; dual-stream 3D workflow capturing left and right eye to separate files; Apple ProRes, DVCPRO and MJPEG capture and playback support; automated batch capture, playback and logging, as well as clip bins for organizing clips into groups. Media Express 3 will be availa

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