Hi-Ho Silver Lining? EpiServer goes glam with platform reboot

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Rise of the Cloud: Even Wilhelm Reich would be proud...

New ‘Platform-as-a-service’ PaaS model shortens time to ‘cicks;for online marketers, digital agencies and developers

By ECM Plus

ECM Plus +++ EPiServer has launched a cloud version of its CMS.

The company now claims tjat its content management software is packaged and hosted on EPiServer’s Everweb service, a web-based combination of EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Composer.

According to the company, this new method is an interactive version with a new focus for marketers and for web developers. 

EPiServer said its Cloud version can deliver the same functionality by offering a platform-as-a-service model. Apparently, its Cloud was ‘cost-effective’ because it uses a pay-as-you-go model for the services used. This hosted platform comes pre-installed with EPiServer components including the OnlineCenter unified workspace and personalised functions, the company added.

EPiServer Cloud uses the R2 platform.

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