ECM vendors need to ‘get the message out’ with bells-and-whistles – report

Bells and whistles

Vendor report on enterprise content management software vendors urges to ‘get the message out’ and to lob in some bells-and-whistles

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Two years ago, the ECM market earned revenues of $795 million and ancillary sectors realised revenues of $2.1 billion, according to somewhat belated ‘analysis; by report vendor company Frost & Sullivan.

According to the report vendor, the ECM market is estimated to hit more than $1.75 billion and the total ECM space of ancillary activities is set to top almost $6 billion over the next five years.

“With the capabilities of ECM solutions stronger than their component parts, the ECM industry, consumers and companies have started to recognize the inherent value of implementing full ECM solutions” opined Loren Johnson of the report vendor company. “When managing burgeoning digital assets through workflows that span enterprises, ECM solutions provide the scalability, security and reliability the market demands.”

Apparently, it is ‘increased digitization’ of ‘corporate assets’, the need to fulfill various business productivity needs, including document, file, web content management, and workflow that account for this, or, as the report vendor phrases it ‘factors poised to strengthen market momentum’.

However, the report vendor does acept that there are aspects likely to dent the likelihood of its hyped headline figures – such caveats, or ‘challenges’ as they call them, might be ‘getting the message out’ as they call it, as regards the ‘value’ of a total ECM solution. Vendors, they claim, must ‘prove’ the value and capabilities of ECM, particularly, they say, to ‘key global enterprises’ – whatever that might mean.

According to the report vendor, apparently also, ECM vendors must demonstrate to these companies the ‘additional capabilities, efficiencies, and cost savings they could enjoy’ through the implementation of a total ECM solution – value add on steroids?

And yet, the report vendor concedes: ‘Proving the value proposition may be difficult, but participants must devise smart strategies to send their message across.’

Currently, creation, ingestion, storage, reuse and repurposing of content in a controlled manner are major undertakings for any enterprise. They require structure, management and organization when companies need centralized storage, consistent global messaging, interoperability and case processing capabilities only a single-source ECM solution can provide.

“ECM solutions offer a unique productivity solution that singular products, components, and content management modules cannot,” says Johnson.

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