Mobile: the real deal for web content vendors?

Hand Holding a Mobile Phone

Hands-on: mobile calling for web content vendors via HTML5?

Web content management vendors are making only halting moves towards mobile-enabling applications

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Web content management vendors need to apply significant resources to mobile services over the next year, according to The Real Story Group.

In new research by their analysts, it states that many Web CMS tools can generate outputs for different mobile formats, often via functionality that renders alternate templates for different devices.

Analyst Apoory Durga added: “Customers will still find a lot of room for improvement here among CMS tools especially for supporting HTML5-specific markup.” Apparently, HTML5 is the ‘next generation browser markup standard’ that provides ‘significant’ mobile-specific functionality.

The report vendor also said it had borne witness to ‘constant innovation’ in web content management technology over the past decade.

Not surprisingly, it further opined, smaller, ‘more focused’ WCM software vendors and open source projects ‘continue to predominate in this [web content management] marketplace’ it added.

“The Web CMS marketplace will evolve significantly over the next ten years” added another analyst, Adriaan Bloem, “but it’s just as likely to remain as fragmented in 2021 as it is today.”

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