Open Text touts new web content release for smarter marketing mashsup

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Marketing meets mobile in mashup manouvres

Behemoth content giant touts marketing enhancements to offer a richer web experience with new version of Web Experience Management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ OpenText has made a raft of new enhancements to the rich media handling capabilities of Web Experience Management offerings, giving marketers new tools for captivating global audiences with visually appealing content and dynamic, interactive content across the web and for mobile devices, the company said.

According to Open Text, the new release of Web Experience Management also boasts a newly-integrated Web Media Management module that formats any type of digital media to make it Web ready and easily accessible to content mangers and contributors. This enables rich media to be an integral part of the overall Web experience delivered to consumers across multiple devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

“The way forward for corporate websites is clearly much different than it has been over the past few years, with much more use of video and interactive personalized ways of consuming content along with better support for mobile devices” commented James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer for OpenText. “With this release of Web Experience Management, we are continuing to deliver the robust Web marketing tools our customers need to make this happen.”

The new release is available now.

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