Equidity’s IRM set to make IPO investor content go with the flow

Equidity CEO Mona

Equidity turns up the heat, partners in new IR content platorm that is hot, hot, hot, launches first investor relationship management platform connecting long-term growth investors with pre-IPO companies


ECM Plus +++ Investor Relationship Management software specialist Equidity has just released a new proprietary platform for connecting a network of qualified institutional investors with pre-IPO companies.

In private stage investing, where there is a lack of information transparency, Equidity said its systems provide tools for late-stage investing and IPOs.

Equidity said it will be helping companies in meeting their best long-term growth financing goals while protecting the confidentiality of their private data. Through Equidity, the highest quality investors gain early exposure to the best private companies and their detailed information so they can determine valuations based on business fundamentals, not market speculation.

“The last decade has been characterized by a lack of liquidity for long-term growth investors and companies that has blocked economic growth in the U.S. and globally” commented Mona DeFrawi, CEO and founder of Equidity. “Having served the capital market needs of many organizations for over two decades, I’ve helped high-growth companies overcome challenges as they ramp up for an IPO or acquisition. Equidity’s goal is to remedy the liquidity and IPO crises by supporting the direct relationships and information exchange needs of the highest quality investors and companies.”

According to the company, traditional financial marketing can be expensive, time consuming and not scalable. The permanent, structural changes in the capital markets this past decade make it even more challenging. Equidity has designed tools and solutions to support companies and also serve as a utility to their investment banking and investor relations partnerships for a more effective way to achieve growth and optimise shareholder value.

“What companies don’t realize is that in today’s markets, they must build relationships with the right investors years in advance for a successful offering,” added DeFrawi. “Behind the top five to ten recognizable fast-growing companies, there are hundreds more creating millions of jobs and profits, but have not gained visibility for their accomplishments or inclusion in the public company economic indices that measure national economic growth.”

Equidity said its offerings develop relationships and permission for the sharing of data, through a format similar to social networking profiles. The matching technology, combined with relationship-building events and activities, provides companies a process focused on their growth objectives, the company said. The platform is also designed to save months of fundraising efforts and hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in expenses.

Both Box.net and Objectiva Software Solutions are platinum sponsors of Equidity and key partners, enabling the company to deliver its proprietary IRM platform, which will be used by members beginning this summer in preparation for the inaugural “Economic Growth Stars Investors Forum” in November.

Box.net’s cloud content management platform will enable investors and companies to securely access, share and collaborate on content through Equidity’s Virtual Data Room from anywhere, on any device.

“At Box, we’re focused on helping businesses of all sizes collaborate on content easily and securely, both within their organization and with external partners” added former EMC Chief Marketing Officer Whitney Tidmarsh Bouck, now enterprise general manager for Box.net. “We’re excited to bring Box’s cloud content management solution to Equidity’s IRM platform, making it easy for high-growth companies and their investors to share highly sensitive financial information online and from mobile devices.”

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