Boffins and business books still dominate digital downloads for ebooks

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eReaders need to be accessible to all even in bright sunglight

Survey finds academic and professional, business works are highest sellers

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Academic and professional books are still dominating digital unit sales in Britain during 2010, in spite of a rise in in sales of fiction works, according to new research.

According to publishing industry insiders, expected sales of ‘general titles’ had been expected to dominate eBook sales and although sales did see a four-fold increase to £16 million, it was still dwarfed by the £180 million of sales generated by the academic and professional book category. Sales of downloads is still a small proportion of total UK book sales which reached £3 billion last year.

Richard Mollet, CEO of the Publishers Association said: “Digital publishing is growing at an impressive rate in whichever part of the sector you choose to look.

“Now that technology is putting e-reading devices into consumers’ hands, we are starting to see the rapid growth of digital sales in this area too, as consumer publishers develop digital formats to reach wider audiences.”

The research further stated that the growth in digital sales would, they said “seem to indicate that jAmazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader will increasing become part of our lives in the future”.

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