LifeSort online backup proffers another cloud content closet

Dutch want to sort your life out

Securing and sharing ‘free’ cloud file management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ In what is being dubbed as the ‘first real semantic desktop’ a small Dutch startup firm – ‘The Guys That Hope’ have taken the wrsps off what it claims can provide an ‘identical interface offline as online’.

According to TGTH, this new file managment software can simplify the organization and management of what it calls the ‘digital life’.

This is done by local folders, online storage and web favorites all wrapped into one single folder structure.

Dubbed as ‘LifeSort’ the system consists of a tool sidebar containing folders into which files can be dropped for sorting, storing and sharing. These folders come categorised, can be customised and even locked for added security. Users can then elect to share the content with others, such as family and friends. Lifesort will even manage your web favourites and update them for browsing offline.

According to the Dutch firm, LifeSort is the first application to integrate a variety of services, that are currently offered separately by various parties.

It is available as a free download from with a tiny free capacity of just 2GB of gratis space with the ‘free’ app, with extra space being charged at a fee. Beyond the tiny freebie space, buyers will nned to ‘upgrade’ their storage capacity according to need. Upgrades start at US$3.99 per month.

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