Transcoding content coup to push live streaming into mainstream

Content-Content Interaction (Formal)

Content: transcoding on-the-fly. Image: jrhode

New online transcoding service via to demo at Streaming Media East

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Live streaming is a new way to engage audiences, but when users find they canntt access a video on their device, it casts a negative light on the content provider. said it was the only cloud-based service in the market to transcode live streams around the clock – 24/7, 365 days a year. This new SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service) is set to save content providers thousands of dollars in hardware, manpower and maintenance.

The firm behind the new transcoding service said that if a company needs to transcode live content for users, an in-house solution would require a hardware encoder worth $18,000 and approximately 500 maintenance man-hours per year worth $23,000. In comparison,

The flexible payment model and instant technical set-up also addresses the needs of event organizers, who require a solution that is always up-to-date and adapts to their budget and time constraints.

What is considered a basic requirement from the users’ point of view has been a technological and financial challenge for content providers and event organizers. The missing link in live streaming to multiple devices is the creation of different streams for each device in realtime. This process is referred to as ‘encoding’ or ‘transcoding’ and until now has required content providers to make long-term investments in expensive hardware and maintenance. The new service of democratizes professional live encoding for all devices, thanks to its flexible monthly service at a fraction of the cost.

“Competing video standards have made live streaming costly and complex” commented’s CTO Thomas Vander Stichele. “Our objective is to enable companies to reach 100% of their viewers on any device and to provide the best possible user experience.” Thomas has been invited to present to industry leaders during the Streaming Media East show in New York City on May 10-11. The annual conference gathers the movers and shakers of online video. will be joined by top speakers from HBO, Fox, Adobe, Samsung and Microsoft, among others.’s speech and demo “New Products for Encoding and Delivering HTML5-Compatible Video” takes place on May 11 at 1:45 pm.

According to the company, every week, new codecs, formats, devices and delivery protocols are launched, as well as updates for existing ones. With a hardware solution, each change requires a modification, so keeping an in-house solution updated is extremely time-consuming. The expert development team of integrates all new standards in record time, while also providing pre-configured settings optimized for each combination of format, codec and device. These settings can be modified online by each client, if needed.

The company said that the key to providing a great live viewing experience on all devices is adapting streams to each user’s network connection and device. This technology is called Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and selects the appropriate stream quality to provide the best possible user experience without buffering. It requires the provision of different quality streams for each format, which significantly increases the needed transcoding hardware. Previously, only large content providers could afford this technology, but now companies of any size can.

The beta program is launched on May 16 and the public launch is on June 6. offers a free 24-hour trial, which can be reserved starting May 9.

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