Web content management takes to the clouds

pTools proffers web content management for cloud computing

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Dublin, Ireland. Image: PPCC Antifa

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ WCM software vendor pTools has launched a new cloud-based version of System6. According to the Irish firm, it offers enterprise-level websites.

Keith Wood, CEO of pTools said: “It provides extensive functionality on-cloud or on-premise that’s easy to use and easy to scale.”

Added Wood: “When setting up a CMS online you typically buy the software, spec the servers, install, configure, and put the servers in a data centre. You then add firewall boxes and routers, sign a hosting and bandwidth agreement, put it all online and pay annual support and maintenance for hardware, software and so on. With a cloud solution, you just turn it on and start straight away – no upfront hardware or IT support costs, and no hassle.” 

Woods said customers can log in to the pTools WCM Designer to choose what components they want to use, which means they get exactly what they want from the software exactly the way they want it.

System6 uses cloud computing infrastructure from Irish company, Fort Technologies.obile web and social media content sharing.

Gerry Murray, CEO of Fort Technologies added: “Partners like pTools are core to Fort’s strategy of providing a single interface that addresses the hybrid cloud model of SaaS, IaaS and on premise through a single intuitive console. It’s a true partnership where the pTools offering enriches Fort’s offering while our platform and management software provides another channel to market through our cloud marketplace for independent software vendors such as pTools.”

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