MetaCafe taps RealGravity for video content syndication

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RealGravity: platorm for syndication

Metacafe partners for syndicated video content

By ECM Plus

ECM Plus +++ RealGravity, the video platform that integrates syndication, publishing and monetization, has just teamed up with Metacafe the video entertainment site to syndicate its catalog of original short-form video content to publishers.

According to the firm, the platform will simplify the way online video publishing and syndicators work by combining a network-oriented online video platform (Network OVP), a content marketplace and an ad server with built-in yield optimization.

The Network OVP is suited to publishers, brands and ad networks who publish video across a network of sites, and who need to manage multiple content and publisher relationships with reporting, revenue sharing, ad sales permissions management, and user administration. The RealGravity Content Marketplace offers access to over 500,000 videos from hundreds of video content providers, and it allows RealGravity’s Network OVP customers to syndicate their own content across the web. RealGravity’s integrated ad server supports a full range of direct sales capabilities, and it is pre-integratedwith all major video ad-networks.

“RealGravity was born out of ourneed at our previous companies for an inexpensive, scalable video platform that worked out of the box.We needed something that would support our growing syndication business, and our increasing use of licensed content. We could not find it, so we built it, and now we see a lot of customers with the same need” commented Luke McDonough, CEO of RealGravity. “Also, by integrating these three core functions, (content syndication, publishing, and yield-optimized ad sales), we have made this core stack extremely inexpensive to use, which in turn makes video publishing accessible and profitable for a wider range of publishers and applications. For example, we can now support the smallest blog that needs everything, out of the box, including the content,and we can also support the large enterprise that needs to support a hundred partner sites in their ad network or distribution network.”
Metacafe, whose 12 million unique monthly U.S. viewers1 make it one of the web’s largest video sites, chose RealGravity to support its content syndication initiativebecause the platform offers a simple way to manage content and accounting across multiple sites and content partners.

“RealGravity is helping us syndicate our content to reach new audiences and track our success with key partners” added Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe. “We believe that syndication will play a critical role in the future of online video, and tools to manage affiliate partner relationships and performance are critical. RealGravity does this in an elegant, inexpensive way.”

RealGravity is at Streaming Media East (#SMEast) booth #114 from Wednesday demoing the RealGravity Platform.

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