Search engine behemoth lambasted in new book


Search and destroy. Image: andercismo

New book alleges that search behemoth has become a serial violator of privacy and property rights

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ ‘SEARCH & DESTROY: Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc.’ is the first book to critically examine Google’s business practices, mission, and unprecedented power over information access and the digital economy. 

“You can’t trust a company that has little respect for others’ privacy and property” said author Scott Cleland. “Google tracks your online activity, eavesdrops on your wireless network, exposes your home to a global audience, and even stalks your cell phone. Google copies books without permission, hosts copyright-infringing videos on YouTube, and enables advertisers to profit from others’ trademarks,” he added.

Scott Cleland is the world’s leading Google critic. He has testified before Congress three times about Google and is a former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Information and Communication.

In SEARCH & DESTROY, Scott Cleland scrutinizes Google’s actions and political agenda. He argues that Google uses its free products to track, profile, and manipulate users. Cleland explains how Google uses its “Don’t Be Evil” slogan to excuse unethical business practices.

And he discusses where Google is leading us, why we don’t want to go there, and how we can prevent it.

SEARCH & DESTROY is an exhaustively researched investigative book containing over 700 references (including court documents) and more than 150 verbatim quotes from Google executives.

The hardcover book is available now and retails for $28.95. E-book versions are available for most popular e-book readers. For further information, visit

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