Hollywood is dead? Long live online content – Ollie Stone

Ollie Stone and friends at vzaar wax lyrical about online video content

From silver screen to touchscreen, online video causing a revolution in the the movie industry. (Picture: L-R: vzaar’s Ken Moss, Oliver Stone, vzaar CEO Stephen McCluskey. (c) ECM Plus)

British online video platform streaming hits HD


ECM Plus +++ Hollywood film director Oliver Stone, npw a shareholder in the British-based online video delivery platform vzaar, said this week he now believes the internet is becoming an rising ‘force in the world of film’.

According to Stone, the day is not far off when online video streaming of box office content will completely replace ‘on-demand’ TV movies and DVD rental services.

“Oliver is a man with great foresight, and like many of the major players in the movie industry he has realised that the future of film distribution is online. It’s just a case of video streaming capability improving all round to meet the high standards of consumers” commented vzaar CEO Stephen McCluskey. “This has the potential to be the biggest revolution in the movie industry since the invention of VCRs and video tape in the 1970s.”

McCluskey thinks that this was why Ollie Stone – in Hollywood right now working on a new film called ‘Savages’, which follows hard on the heels of his 2010 hit ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ – invested in vzaar, which has the technology enabling its clients to broadcast full-length feature films online, in HD and with optimal quality.

In a recent conversation with McCluskey, the director shared his opinion that when all online video delivery platforms matched the high quality that vzaar offered, movie fans would flock to watch new releases on the internet.

With the increasing proliferation of mobile internet devices, people can, and would increasingly, watch the top box office hits online via one of the hundreds of movie library websites, not only on their living-room sofa but while sitting on the train going to work, or sitting in a campsite on holiday.

“Film-makers also regard the internet as a particularly powerful publicity tool – trailers and clips of new movies are being put online, targeted at desired audiences, and going viral through social networking sites.”

“For the movie industry this has proved the most efficient and effective form of advertising for new productions ever experienced” McCluskey added.

“Our vzaar platform has features which allow for smooth, high-definition delivery of full-length movies, and many of our clients are using vzaar to broadcast films. We are pleased to be leading the way in the field of streaming online video technology, and giving film-makers the means to capitalise on the powerful advantages of putting their product on the internet.”

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