Digital asset firesale as Autonomy mops up at Iron Mountain

Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch

Autonomy’s moves into the cloud platform to expand to 25 petabytes of customer data under management


ECM Plus +++ Autonomy has just acquired selected key assets of Iron Mountain’s digital division including archiving, eDiscovery and online backup.

In a digital asset firesale that observers see as a stratgic move into the cloud for Autonomy, this means access to Autonomy’s technology for information governance in secure, private clouds in data centres.

Mike Lynch, Group CEO of Autonomy commented: “Processing customer data in the cloud continues to be a strategic part of Autonomy’s information governance business. We look forward to extending regulatory compliance, legal discovery and analytics to a host of new customers as well as enabling the intelligent collection and processing of non-regulatory data from distributed servers, PCs and especially tens of millions of mobile devices. This will afford the opportunity to bring to these customers the power of IDOL’s meaning-based technology.”

Lynch continued, “In 2007 we correctly predicted the merging of regulatory archiving and search, and we believe we are now seeing the next phase where the convergence of regulatory archiving, back-up and data restoration with operational processing of data in the cloud is coming to pass. This acquisition makes Autonomy the cloud platform of choice, processing and understanding 25 petabytes of customer information. IDOL will allow significantly more value, analytical insight and return to be generated for our customers from this cloud platform. This places Autonomy at the centre of the changes in the analytics of unstructured data, processing in the cloud-based platforms and desktop virtualization.

“We’ve had the opportunity to buy strong assets at an attractive valuation, and through the application of our intelligent IDOL dark server technology will greatly increase the efficiency of this offering. Whilst others may be creating roadmaps around virtualizing the enterprise and processing information in the cloud, Autonomy is already doing it in the world’s largest private cloud platform.”

The deal consists of a cash consideration of $380 million, funded from Autonomy’s cash reserves.

Autonomy said the acquisition also adds over six petabytes of data under management and more than 6,000 customers to Autonomy’s customer base, bringing Autonomy’s private cloud data to over 25 petabytes and total customer base to over 25,000.

Assets acquired include digital archiving, eDiscovery and online backup and recovery solutions of Iron Mountain Digital – but not the technology escrow service and a medical records archive service and other smaller operations which were recently shut down.

Current Iron Mountain Digital customers will continue to be supported without disruption, Autonomy confirmed.

Autonomy said it will offer Connected, the digital data protection product, to existing Autonomy customers across enterprise server, PC and mobile devices. The addition of this product drives non-regulatory and structured data into our cloud-based information processing platform.

Autonomy, a specialist in semantic ‘meaning-based computing’ unstructured data conten management, also now enables computers such as text, email, web pages, voice, or video. Its software is used in enterprise apps including search, information governance, eDiscovery, records management, archiving, business process management, web content management, web optimization, rich media management and video and audio analysis.

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