Stream of concert-ness? Creatives go live with streaming media

Roundhouse - Camden

Streaming at the Roundhouse: What goes around comes around

Underground reaches the internet masses


ECM Plus +++ Creative directors and musicians are collaborating live to an online stadium-sized audience as digital streaming experts StreamUK have are joining forces with the Camden Roundhouse for directors and musicians to offer an internet audience the size of Wembley Stadium. 

According to StreamUK, digital streaming has opened up a world of opportunity for UK artists to reach huge online audiences across the world. The partnership of digital and creative minds has now fashioned a ground-breaking capability for artists to share their work with the internet masses.

‘Blackbox’ is a new showcase hosted at The Roundhouse in Camden, streamed live to thousands of alternative music fans all over the world via MySpace. Companioned by social media, the online music community can now easily follow and introduce others to new and exciting acts – pronouncing new prospects for live music in the digital age.

The last band to take the online stage was Post-punk naturalists British Sea Power, who commandeered the Roundhouse in London back in February. The showcase is not only a great way for bands to generate large audiences, but is has also become a great way to test their creativity visually and musically. The shows are edited, recorded and broadcast live, and archived versions are available to stream following the show.

The online success of previous events prompted MySpace to devote the entire front page to the streaming event, increasing the exposure for the upcoming gig.

StreamUK are the digital company responsible for the live streaming: “Streaming live music is becoming ever more popular amongst artists large and small, which is great news for music creators and their online audiences who also seem to be increasing rapidly” Will Rea StreamUK Account Manager

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