Software AG acquires Terracotta in Java cloud move

Monument of Hermann in Teutoburg Forest, Germany

German company takes control of foreign firm to acquire cloud and memory assets

In-memory and cloud to enable high-performance Java applications for cloud services

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ /Frankfurt, Germany/ +++ The German software firm Software AG has just acquired Silicon Valley innovator Terracotta’s portfolio of products and services which the German firm said will form the foundation of its new in-memory and cloud offerings.

According to Frankfurt-Germany-based Software AG, the combined portfolio will increase revenue with existing customers and expand opportunities with new enterprise customers.

The German software giant added that it would also gain access to Terracotta’s large open source community.

The firm also stated that the acquisition would also enable it to offercloud and to increase performance and scalability of its business process platform.

Terracotta’s portfolio also brings in-memory and caching standards for enterprise Java, its in-memory processing boasts as being the foundation technology for Software AG’s cloud products and services.

With in-memory data access up to 1,000 times faster than database access, the company said it will increase revenue with existing and new customers through larger business process projects encompassing complex event processing for mobile, cloud distribution and virtualization.

The acquisition also extends Software AG’s business model by adding an open source community.

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