enprovia does ECM Lite for Macs

Jet d'Eau with blue light
Blue jets

Bluejet takes off into the skies for Macintosh users

By ECM Plus

ECM Plus +++ ECM integration specialist enprovia has just taken the wraps off the latest BlueJet version 1.0, an Enterprise Content Management client for Apple Macintosh.

According to the firm, BlueJet is a native Mac OSX progran that can manage corporatist content on Macs, fully integrated in OSX and compatible with most common ECM systems.

The Mac ECM system enables to also edit documents located in ECM systems and cab automatically synchronize local copies of documents.

Enprovai said thast users can also download documents and store them in an encrypted vault area for later offline use. A so-called ‘smart folder’ keeps track of the latest documents in use and informs the user of any remote changes done to the documents currently being worked on.

The user is provided with federated search combining various search results into an easy-to-use result list including search history of recently used terms. Simple drag and drop functionality allows BlueJet users to upload, download and move documents as needed in just a few seconds without sacrificing usability when working on their Macs.

Popular “Notification of changes” is included to keep users updated about document and folder changes throughout teams, departments or within corporations.

BlueJet users are provided with a simple and clear list-view, which can be rearranged to fit personal style and taste. A preview of documents is also included and it comes with document zooming for easy reviewing. “BlueJet is available for Mac users providing them with comfortable access to their documents, notifying them about any changes in their corporate content” commented Federico Sensi, product manager for enprovia.

“BlueJet is a true Mac application and a lot of thought was given to ensure ease-of-use when managing large-sized enterprise content systems. We have seen a growing interest in native Mac support from corporations traditionally using only Windows PC’s and thanks to our cross ECM support, we cover basically all ECM vendors giving our corporate customers modern client support for their existing systems, and that without vendor lock-in” added Sensi.


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